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Mice Control

Mice Control


In this post we are going to go over the Mice Control services EPB Pest Control provide in London, Essex and Kent. 

If you have mice in your property right now, home or business, or if you have had them in the past you know just how much damage they can do, the awful smell they create in your home  and just how quickly they can get out of hand and overrun a whole building. 

EPB Pest Control carry our Mice Control in London and the home counties daily. It is one of our most requested services. This also includes our Mouse Proofing services we provide. Mice are everywhere but they will only come into a property if there are holes. Sounds obvious but people really do not know about these holes until they have an infestation of mice. As mice can enter a hole the size of a biro pen, there are more than likely a few mice entry points around your property you are not aware of.

Firstly, our Mice Control in London baiting plan.

Using only tamper proof bait boxes in open areas of a property (specifically designed to only open with a key, safer in homes with children) and the most effective baits EPB Pest Control will places these bait stations in key areas of your home or business to ensure that the mice control process is at its most effective. Areas such as behind bath panels, under kitchen units, bins, gas and electric meters to name a few.

Mice Control in London. Baiting
EPB Pest Control and Mice Control Bait Station
There are also other options available to use for Mice Control in London, Essex and Kent. These options vary on the type of property, the requirement of the owner, the speed at which the mice control and removal must be completed. This could be a glue board treatment, snap traps, there are also humane options available.

Mice Control - Proofing

EPB Pest Control London also provide Mouse Proofing in London. This is part o our Mice Control services but this is the top level, long term protection. Baiting will kill off mice, but if there are holes, there is the risk of more mice returning at some point in the future. This service also includes baiting within the cost. Mouse Proofing will ensure that any entry points used by mice to enter your home are correctly proofed, by that I mean with materials that will last years, not months, which can be the case with the cheap and messy expanding foam. 

Materials will include cement, wood and sealants. All external areas below waist height and internal areas will be inspected and then mouse proofing completed where needed room by room. 

Mice Control and Mouse Proofing in London, in A Loft.
Mice Control and Mouse Proofing

Mice Control in London, Essex and Kent by EPB Pest Control London.

Other Mice Control services include ongoing servicing agreements for commercial properties, businesses and residential blocks across London. We carry out these block services and mice control services for many letting and managing agents across London. Monthly visits and servicing of internal and external rodent boxes for rodent prevention. 

If you would like to know any further information regarding our Mice Control in London or our Mouse Proofing in London please contact us today or visit us on Facebook EPB Control.

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